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The name Propolis is derived from the merging of two Greek words meaning Defences before a town.


Propolis is cultivated from bee hives but bees do not make propolis they gather it from trees it is a mixture of amino acids, bio flavanoids, galagin and resins.

Propolis surrounds the bee hive and sterilizes all that enters it. Imagine the cramped living conditions inside a hive, it would be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive without Propolis.

Propolis is a natural anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive.

Many clinical studies support the effectiveness of Propolis and prove it to be effective against a tleast 20 different kinds of bacteria.

Studies confirm that Propolis does not only inhibit bacterial growth and detoxifies the body but it actually strengthens natural immunity.

Propolis can help prevent colds and flu.

It can also be mixed with water and gargled and will treat throat infections and tonsillitis. It can be used as a mouth wash and will ease toothache. Trials show that Propolis actually inhibits the growth of plaque inside the mouth and when used as a a mouthwash is a natural preventative of dental caries and gingivitis.

Propolis is a anti-hypertensive.

When applied to a wound Propolis sterilizes and creates a seal that protects against bacteria entering the sore and accelerates healing. Equally effective in easing bites, stings and burns.

Propolis is also effective against the Herpes simplex and can be applied directly to cancker sores as a preventative or to provide protection against infection and accelerate healing.

In a recent study of 294 ulcer patients 90% of 108 patients treated using Propolis were symptom free after 2 weeks and 70% were relieved after only three days compared to only 10% of patients treated using conventional medicine.

Most exciting are recent studies showing that active ingredients in Propolis have strong inhibitory effects against several types of cancer.

Propolis inhibits cancer cell growth by increasing the process of apoptosis, the bodies natural way of ridding itself of old useless cells.

Yes, Propolis is a wonder tonic that is almost too good to be true but all you read and hear of Propolis effectiveness in treating so many different ailments is true. I would never be without it in my home.

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Propolis can be effective against

Colds, flu, cancker sores, herpes, coughs, infections including urine infection, cuts, burns, open wounds, gingivitis, dental caries, toothache, thrush, tonsillitis, candida bacteria, ulcers and certain types of cancer. [very occasionally some people are allergic to the resins in propolis]






Tea tree oil

Latin Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Other Names: Melaleuca oil, Australian tea tree oil


Tea tree oil has been used for many centuries to treat cuts and wounds. The terpenoids in tea tree oil have been found to have natural antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Tea tree oil can be effective against many things including acne, candida bacteria, gingivitis, boils, headlice, eczema and psoriasis.


Tea tree oil in its undiluted form is very strong and if used undiluted can occasionally cause bad reactions in some people. If using to treat gingivitis it is generally best to add two to three drops to your toothpaste, you must not take teat tree oil internally.


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