Homeopathy and Childbirth

The wonderful kit below contains pretty much all the remedies you need during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period and we recommend it to all expectant mothers. Below we have drawn up a basic guide to homeopathic remedies you may find useful during this very special period in your life.

 Homeopathy-Childbirth kit-Contains 18  remedies Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Bellis per, Bryonia, Calendula, Cantharis, Carbo veg, China, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Ignatia, Ipecac., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Silicea.  

This particular kit is priceless to any woman expecting a baby. Homeopathic remedies are so mild that they are completely safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and can often help to combat ailments where pharmaceutical drugs could be too dangerous to use and cause unwanted side effects. The remedies contained in this kit have been specifically chosen to ease unwanted symptoms during pregnancy, assist with labour and birth and help to combat physical and emotional symptoms after the big day. Highly recommended and a much cheaper way to purchase than if you had to buy all the remedies individually. The book contained inside the kit will help you to understand when and how the remedies should be used, how often and will give you a better understanding of your body during and after pregnancy particularly assisted by the Materia Medica section of the booklet. The kit will really give you a lot more control of your own body during the labour and postnatal stages of pregnancy, also remedies left over can come in handy for many other ailments after the big day.  

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Childbirth Kit


Arnica                       Arnica is useful if taken in very early stages of labour and after for two to three days will help reduce, bruising, swelling and reduce risk of infection, can also prevent hemorrage.


Aconite                     Aconite is good to ease panic, for example fast, painful labours.


Belladonna                 Belladonna can be useful when the woman has become delirious, exhausted, feels she may never cope with labour and be able to see it through. 


Calendula                  Calendula is good for healing tissues, such as from episotomys, stiches, cuts, tears and helps to soothe sore and cracked nipples. Calendula is also helpful in the treatment of nappy rash.


Carbo Veg                Carbo veg, for the mum or baby who has been starved of oxygen, carbo veg is an excellent      reccesitator.  


Caullophyllum          Caullophyllum 200c  will assist where the cervix has failed to dialate or dialates too slowly, not included in the kit above but recommend highly... just incase !


Hypericum                 Hypericum is a strong, natural antiseptic and anti shock treatment.


Ignatia                        Ignatia will help the mum who is upset, grief stricken and has feelings of woe after birth.


Sepia                         Sepia is helpful for the tired mum who has become irritable and fed up. Sepia is usually indicated where the mother is improved by physical excercise



Homeopathy for Babies and Children


Homeopathy is ideal for treating children. Free from side effects, very mild and easy to administer, there are a few remedies that are good to keep in your home at all times we discuss some below. All the remedies below can be ordered from our online store section of the site for mothers though I would recommend ordering one of our our basic home or home plus kits which contain most of the remedies you will need at home for babies and children.

Homeopathy can assist with everything from teething to cuts, bruises, colds and worse.


Aconite       First stages of an infection. Use in healthy child whos symptoms come on sudenely. Patient thirsty, cold. Better with fresh air and worse to touch.  

Apis Mel     Bites and stings. Better with cold applications worse with heat and between 4-6pm

Argentum nit          Fear, useful in anxious children, fear for flying. Tendency to be hurried and impulsive. When fear is justified children panic, rush and get into mess. Better for open air worse if crowded.


Arnica       accidents, shock, exhaustions, after fall, reduces swelling and bruising, prevents haemorrhage. 

Belladonna           Sudden, burning hot, glassy eyes, possible chill to head, violent pains, rapid pulse, patient may be delirious or thirsty maybe for something fizzy. Better for rest and worse to touch and with jarring movement.


Byronia             Dry, painful cough. Dryness of mucous membranes. Thirst for large amounts with long intervals. Worse for movement or at night after 9pm.

 Calendula     1st aid remedy for cuts, burns, scalds, after teeth extraction or for painful teething. Better for warmth or walking, worse in damp and dull conditions and in the evening. 

Cantharis      Burns, intensive pains, burning, intense thirst but thirst is not improved with drinking. Better with cold compress and worse to touch.


Carbo Veg      Carbo veg also known as the corpse reviver and anyone who has had to use carbo veg will be fully aware of the amazing effects of this remedy. Carbo veg really deserves a special mention it has saved so many lives. Use if patient is found in state of collapse, oxygen starvation. Body and breath may be cold, limp, pale, blue. Also could be used with sluggish patient, bloated stomach.


Chamomilla      Teething, child has red cheeks, intolerable pain. Suit bad tempered children who are only quiet when carried. Hot and sweaty the child is better for sweating and being uncovered 9pm to midnight.


China        Dehydration, delicate children. Emotionally and physically drawn. Not relieved with being winded, better for lying down, loose clothing worse with gentle touch.


Drosera           Remedy for whooping cough, violent, spasmodic coughing, leads to gagging. Restless, stubborn, suspicious. Improves after midnight. Better for open air, worse for lying down and warmth.


Gelsenium             Flu, shivering, characterized by paralysis. Physical prostration coupled with mental alertness, trembles, aching muscles, heavy headed. Better for sweating and urination worse for physical exertion.


Hepar Sulph   Painful, infected wounds. Sensitive to anything. Shooting pains, worse for movement. 

Ignatia    Bereavement, emotional shock, grief, disappointment and bed wetting. 

Ledum           Puncture wounds and black eyes. 

Pulsatilla      Ear infections, emotional and moody. Tearful, craving company, clingy, whining and thirsty. Infection comes on after chill or getting wet, better for bathing and with movement, worse with windy weather. 

Silicea       Expell splinters



You can order all the remedies above from online homeopathy just visit our store orders placed before 1pm will be sent out first class the same day.


Please visit our books section if you are interested in finding out more about using homeopathy to treat your babies and children.










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