In the 1930’s Dr Edward Bach [PICTURED BELOW], medical physician and well known researcher and bacteriologist discovered that different emotions and states of mind could be combated and improved with the use of different flower and plant based remedies. Bach identified 38 basic negative states of mind and created a plant or flower remedy that could aid each specific emotion. 


The way we feel directly effects the way we live or enjoy our life. If we are happy and positive as research shows our immune system thrives . Emotional and physical health can be directly linked.



Sometimes we all suffer situations and traumas that effect the way we feel. Often we try to             push our feelings and emotions to one side, to ignore themand bottle them up. To realise and understand our emotions is the first step in improving them. 


The Bach flower remedies can be particularly useful in treating children and animals also. 


Bach flower remedies can be helpful after a bereavement, in times of stress, before a driving test or when moving house, even in helping us adjust to changes in our lives and new environments. 

Bach flower remedies are completely safe and natural, they cause no side effects and can be used by children, animals and plants because they act in such a gentle manner.  



      You can take Bach flower remedies at any time of the day. If you are suffering a crisis, before a big day or after a stressful event you may only need to take one does however if you are taking a remedy or remedies to help combat emotions you have been feeling for a long period of time you may want to take two to four times a day even for up to a month or more.


   If you need to take or administer remedies to help aid more than one emotion you can mix 2 drops of each remedy in a 30ml mixing bottle of spring water and take four drops at least four times a day.



To take one remedy mix two drops of your chosen Bach flower remedy into a glass of water and take at several intervals. If necessary remedies can be dropped directly on to the tounge or even rubbed into the lips, temples, wrists or behind the ears. I have heard mothers of young babies having trouble sleeping, with colic, teething or generally distressed swear by using rescue remedy in a babies bath or rubbed directly on to the temples to soothe, calm and send off to a good nights sleep. 

RESCUE REMEDY              

Rescue remedy is a combination of five different flower remedies created by Dr Bach to help you cope with situations in the here and now driving test, dentist, interviews or in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement. Rescue remedy contains, Star of BethlehemRock rose, Cherry plum, Impatiens and Clematis. A must for all homes. Rescue remedy also comes in a cream form to help soothe and restore skin.



 Below if a full list of all 38 flower remedies plus Rescue Remedy and for what emotions they help to combat.  




1.   AGRIMONY      If you put on a cheerful face to hide problems


2. ASPEN      If you have unexplained fears and worries, your nervous and anxious

3.  BEECH     Are you critical and intolerant of others

4.      CENTAURY    Have difficulty saying no and your anxious to please


5.   CERTO     Doubt your own ability to judge situations


6.   CHERRY PLUM     Fear of loosing control of your behaviour


7.   CHESNUT BUD     Fail to learn from expirience and keep repeating same mistakes


8.   CHICORY     Overly possesive and expect others to conform to your values


9.   CLEMATIS     Day dreamer with lack of intrest in the present


10.   CRAB APPLE     Have generally poor self image. Embarrased by unplesant physical feautres, characteristics and symptoms


11.   ELM     Overwhelmed, burdened by responsibility


12.   GENTAIN     Easily discouraged, hesitant, dispondent


13.   GORSE     Hopeless, despair, pessimistic


14.   HEATHER     Self absorbed, dislike own company, excessively talkative


15.   HOLLY     Jealousy, envy, suspicion


16.   HONEYSUCKLE     Live in the past, feelings of nostalgia or home sickness


17.   HORNBEAM    Doubt your ability to face todays work


18.   IMPATIENS     Impatien and easily irritated


19.   LARCH     Feel inferior, lack of self confidence


20.   MIMULUS   Fear rooted in unknown cause, spiders, flying etc.


21   MUSTARD     Expirience unexplained gloom for no apparent reason


22.   OAK     Driven by sense of duty and struggle through exhaustion


23.   OLIVE     Exhausted in body and mind


24.   PINE     Guilty and blame yourself for others mistakes


25.   RED CHESNUT     Over concerned for others and over anxious


26.   RESCUE REMEDY     Are in a demanding or stressful situation


27.   ROCK ROSE     Sheer terror


28.   ROCK WATER   Set yourself high standards, inflexible


29.   SCLERATHUS     Indesisive


30.   STAR OF BETHLEHEM     Shock, grief, fright, problems or emotions from the past


31.   SWEET CHESNUT     Deep despair


32.   VERVAIN     Over enthusiasium, fixed ideasand opinions, argumentative


33.   VINE     Strong willed, unflexible


34.   WALNUT     Life changes, protection from others, adjusting to new environment


35.   WATER VIOLET     Proud, aloof, prefer own company


36.   WHITE CHESNUT     Unwanted thoughts, preoccupations, worries


37.   WILD OAT     Can't decide which path to follow, unsatisfied with life


38.   WILD ROSE     Make little effort to improve situations, apethetic


39.   WILLOW     Resentful, feelings of self pity



To order any of the Bach Flower Remedies above just visit our online store, orders placed before 1pm will be sent out 1st class the same day.



At Online Homeopathy you can order any of the Bach Flower Remedies individually please visit are online store to place orders or if you would like to use several remedies but do not want to order full bottles of each for now, we can mix them for you in a 30ml mixing bottle with dropper and deliver them directly to your door [this service is available from the 1st of April 2010]. Just email us with which remedies you would like and we will send an invoice to your email address. All remedies will be sent out first class the same day for order received before 1pm orders received after 1 will be sent out the next day.


If you are not sure about which remedies you should use or of treating a child or pet then we are happy to offer a full telephone consultation to discuss your needs with you and help you to determine the appropriate remedy or remedies. Just email us at the address below requesting a consultation and we will get back to you to arrange a day and time asap. Skype consultations will be available from the 1st of April 2010.


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