Books - Animals

A - Z Cat Health/ 1st Aid A. Gardiner £17.99
SKU: BK746
Animal Healing With Aus. Bush Essences M. Matthews £24.99
SKU: BK1638
Bach Flower Remedies For Horses & Riders M. Scott £19.95
SKU: BK1499
Bach Flower Remedies For Your Horse M. Brehmer £24.99
SKU: BK1662
Cats - Homeopathic Remedies G. MacLeod £12.99
Complete Holistic Care & Healing - Horses M. L. Brennan £30.00
SKU: BK608
Dogs - Homeopathic Remedies G. MacLeod £12.99
Everyday Homeopathic For Animals F. Hunter £23.99
SKU: BK910
Herdsmans Intro. To Homoeopathy P. Hansford/ T. Pinkus £8.00
SKU: BK168
Homeopathic Care For Cats & Dogs D. Hamilton £23.99
SKU: BK222
Homeopathic For Horses T. Couzens £34.00
SKU: BK1547
Homeopathic For Horses (Simple Threshold Guide) C. Day £8.95
SKU: BK247
Homeopathic For My Horse C. Naujoks £12.95
SKU: BK1663
Homeopathic Handbook For Dairy Farming T. Verlaag £11.50
SKU: BK151
Homeopathic The Shepherds Guide M. Elliot/ T. Pinkus £8.00
In Search Of The Truth About Dogs (DVD) Canine health Concern £13.00
SKU: BK1669
Modern Horse Herbal H. Page Self £19.95
SKU: BK1498
Natural Remedies (Horses) C. Day £8.95
SKU: BK141
Schussler Tissue Salts For Horses H. Jorgensen £15.95
SKU: BK1664
Shock To The System C. O'Driscoll £13.95
SKU: BK1416
Textbook Of Veterinary Homeopathy J. Saxton/P. Gregory £30.00
SKU: BK1038
Treatment Of Horses By Homoeopathy G. MacLeod £17.99
Vaccine Guide Dogs & Cats C. Diodati/R. Pitcairn £11.50
SKU: BK1531
What Horses Say A. Mews/ J. Dicker £21.95
SKU: BK935
Homeopathy For a Healthier Cat M. Elliott/T.Pinkus £7.00
SKU: BK1693
Homeopathy For Horses Guide M. Elliott/T. Pinkus £8.86
SKU: BK1694
Dogs & Homeopathy - Owner's Companion M. Elliott/T. Pinkus £6.91
SKU: BK1695
Hom. Treatment of Small Animals (The) C. Day £14.99
SKU: BK1698
Hom. for Pets Wigmore £5.99
SKU: BK159
Hands-On Healing For pets M. Coates £15.99
SKU: BK804

 Books- Flower Remedies

Australian Bush Flower Booklet I. White £10.95
SKU: BK715
Australian Bush Flower Essences I. White £15.99
SKU: BK339
Bach Flower Remedies For Animals S. Ball / J. Howard £15.99
SKU: BK455
Bach Flower Remedies Step By Step J. Howard £7.99
SKU: BK348
Bach Flower Therapy M. Scheffer £11.99
Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function J. Barnard £15.50
SKU: BK734
Bach Remedies Repertory Wheeler £6.99
Bush Flower Healing I. White £24.00
SKU: BK713
Dictionary Of The Bach Flower Rems. H. Jones £7.99
Flip Chart Phytobiophysics D. Mossop £6.50
SKU: BK483
Guide To The Bach Flower Remedies J. Barnard £7.99
Healing Herbs Poster Laminated J. Barnard £17.99
Healing Herbs Poster Unlaminated J. Barnard £13.99
SKU: BK179
Little Book Of Bach Flower Remedies S. Sommer £5.99
SKU: BK706
New Vibrational Flower Essences Britain & Ireland Titchener / Monk / Potter / Staines £20.50
SKU: BK394
Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners D. Vennells £15.50
SKU: BK598


Books- Homeopathy

Basic Guide To Homoeopathy M. Aspinwall £5.95
SKU: BK132
Child Health Guide R. Neustaedter OMD £19.99
SKU: BK1455
Childhood Ear Infections Dr. M. Schmidt £11.99
SKU: BK1458
Children's Types D. Borland £8.50
Complete Homoeopathy Handbook (Lrge Ed) M. Castro £18.99
Drug-Free Approach/ Asperger S. & Autism J. R-Ullman /R. Ullman/I. Luepker £15.00
SKU: BK1459
Everyday Homoeopathy Dr. D. Gemmell £17.00
SKU: BK139
Family Guide To Homoeopathy Dr. A. Lockie £23.00
SKU: BK212
First Aid Homeopathic In Accidents & Ailments D. Gibson £9.50
Get Well Soon Students of the School of HomÏopathy £6.50
Homeopathic A Pictorial Guide V. Rawnsley/ J. Scott £14.99
SKU: BK259
Homeopathic First Aid, Acute & Tropical Diseases A. Pittendrigh £6.99
SKU: BK1465
Homeopathic For Children A Parent's Guide G. Pinto / M. Feldman £13.99
SKU: BK122
Homeopathic For Mother & Baby M. Castro £19.99
Homeopathic Holiday Guide Osborne/ Hool Ent. Ltd. £12.99
SKU: BK252
Homeopathic Practical Guide 21st C. B. Maceoin £18.99
SKU: BK1551
Homeopathy For Accidents & Emergencies (Cd Rom) K. Diamantopoulo £35.00
Little Book Of Homoeopathy ( The ) S. Sommer £5.95
SKU: BK1475
Menopause & Homeopathy I. Ikenze £19.50
SKU: BK274
More Magic Of The Minimum Dose D. Shepherd £11.95
SKU: BK121
Multilingual Travelcard Hscb £4.80
SKU: BK128
Prozac Free J. & R. Ullman £18.99
SKU: BK726
Simply Remedies (Guide To 36) J. Osborne / M. Hool £11.99
SKU: BK1489
Sneezes And Wheezes Osborne/ Hool £13.99
SKU: BK699
Surviving With Natural Remedies S. Curtis £7.55
SKU: BK743
Understanding Classical Homoeopathy Grollmann/ Maurer £12.99
SKU: BK747
Understanding Eczema A. Holmann £6.50
SKU: BK1490
What Is Homeopathy? A Beginner's Guide Osborne/ Hool Ent. Ltd £8.99
SKU: BK256
Whole Woman Homoeopathy J. Reichenberg - Ullman £17.99
SKU: BK273
You & Homoeopathy (Easy Way) A. Tiwari £7.50
SKU: BK275
Hom Acute Prescribing M. Roy £28.00
SKU: BK1680
Emotional Healing with Homeopathy P. Chappell £21.99
SKU: BK1703
There's A Remedy for That! E. Rowson £12.99
SKU: BK1704
Treat Yourself ( Intro Course - Hom) S. Hartley £25.00
SKU: BK1705
Complete pocket Homoeopathy Handbook M. Castro £12.99
SKU: BK136
Hom. For Children (Accidents etc) A. Pittendrigh £7.99
SKU: BK1555
Understanding Homoeopathy S. Worne £4.99
SKU: BK1473

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