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 Homeopathy for pets

 We do not have all the space or time to fully address all aspects and benefits of using homeopathy to treat your pets but no differently than using homeopathy to treat yourselves or your family, the natural way can be the most complimentary, convinient and least harmful manner of medication. Remember it was sheep grazing on the alpine slopes we first saw seek out Arnica Montana to heal grazes and swelling. Nature will always find a way. For every action there is a reaction and homeopathy simulates this. 


Our pets have smaller internal organs than ours and have to work much harder to combat many of the toxic compounds found in pharmaceutical drugs, which often have many an adverse reaction on our pets. Far too often large and long doses of antibiotics are prescribed to treat problems that could have easily been combated using homeopathy.

You can use soft tablets to treat your pets which you simply slip under the tounge and will


dissolve before your pet has chance to spit it out [remember as with humans do not mix soft tablets in with food or water they must be handled as little as possible and placed directly in to the mouth]

 Below we have drawn up a guideline to different remedies you may find useful in treating your pets. If you have an animal in your care that is seriously ill or injured you should seek advice from a veterinary surgeon then if required you can use a homeopathic remedy to treat your pets soley or alongside another treatment your vet may prescribe.  

To help you in determining which homeopathic remedy to use to treat your pet observe his behaviour carefully before hand and take all aspects into consideration. Remember once improvement is seen you should cease use of the remedy.  

Breeders may benefit from keeping certain remedies in stock at all times, if you are a breeder of cats, dogs, horses or any other animals I recommend ordering one of our homeopathic kits for pets [see our store]. Should you wish to order several individual remedies at once please email us to enquire as to whether you can set up a breeder account as we may be able to provide a special breeder discount.


What are nosodes ?


Nosodes are derived from zoological material it is a homeopathic remedy that is produced from diseased tissue and can be used to prevent infection in a household where animals may have been exposed to disease, prime examples are the cat flu nosode and Chlamydia nosode there is little evidence of nosode efficiency however I have spoken to many a breeder who have used nosodes as a preventative measure in multi animal dwellings and have been extremely happy with the results.





ACONITE   200c         Fear and infection, dose once asap


ARNICA   30c             Trauma, tissue damage, help prevent infection, dose every two hours for up to three doses in severe

 cases every fifteen minutes until symptoms are relieved. Can be given once or twice daily for a week after the event.


BELLADONNA 30c      Fever, sudden infection, high temperature and anything that comes on suddenly and acutely. Ear infections where ear is sensitive to touch.


CALENDULA   200c         To heal external and internal injuries, will accelerate healing and help prevent infection. One dose twice daily for three days.


CARBO VEG 200c    use when you find an animal collapsed, cold not breathing, heart stopped, carbo veg revives and is known as the corpse reviver. Dose every ten minutes until animal is brought round or you can get to vet.


HEPAR SULPH 30c and 6c    use lower potency for an abcess that is developed where pus is trapped inside and higher potency before pus has accumulated.


HYPERICUM  200c     Nerve damage, trapped or severed nerves, injuries to paws and tails. Great for bites injuries where there is a puncture to the skin even splinters. Hypericum reduces pain and will help prevent infection. Three times daily for three to five days.


PYROGEN 1M    Septicaemia, temperature irregular, restless, rapid pulse, perspiration, fever.


SILICA6c       Aids rejection of foreign bodies, wounds where there is foreign objects or dirt, helps to encourage the healing of scar tissue and absesses, one dose for three days.    


STAPHYSAGRIA 200c    Lacerations to the body or eye two doses daily for three days.




As all pet owners know animals will often chase, play with and even bite animals that will sting and bite back in these situations observe the symptoms and treat accordingly. One dose every fifteen to twenty minutes for three to five doses should be sufficient.


APIS MEL 6c   Great for bee stings, swollen and painful to the touch

ECHINACEA 30x   good for insect and snake bites

HYPERICUM 200c   Recommended for snake bites

LEDUM 6c Helpful in combating pain and discomfort caused by wasp stings




BELLADONNA 30c   Use in early stages of infection. Ear painful to the touch.


ELAPS COR 30c      Black discharge, frequent scratching, helps to dislodge wax.


LACHESIS  30c   Middle ear disease, cat lies on diseased ear and improvement in seen. Sensitive to the cold.


MER COR 30c    Ulcerated, painful to touch


PULSATILLA  30c     Middle ear infection, infection on one side cat leans to one side, cat craving constant attention. Offensive discharge.




BELLADONNA  30c      Sudden abcess, hepar sulph can also be used for abcess painful to touch or bleeding.


CALC FLOUR   30c      Abcess, once swelling has gone down and hard lump remains


FRAGRIA  6x    Dose once daily for up to a month before cat has teeth cleaned will help to loosen tartare and prevent new deposits.


MERC VIV 12c    Decay, thirst and salvation, bad smell, drooling and receding gums.


PHOSPHOROUS 12x   Gums and swollen and bleed easily.




ALOES  30c    Spluttering jelly type diarrhoea


ARGENTUM NITRICUM  30c   Green watery stools

CHINA  30c   Yellow throthy stool, often, accompanied by wind and exhaustion.


MERC SOL  30c   Slimy, diarrhoea without substance accompanied by straining,  worse at night.

RHUS TOX  6c   Diarrhoea with mucus and blood aggravated by cold and improved with warmth. Rotten odour.




AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM   30c   For alternation constioation and diarrhoea


BYRONIA   30c  Large, dry stools

OPIUM   30c    Constipation with absence of desire to pass stool


SILICA  30c    dry stools pain at trying to pass stool, much discomfort.






CANTHARIS  30c   Where it is painful to urinate urine is hot and severe cases may show blood [see your vet if this is the case]

CAUSTICUM  6c   Unable to pass urine when desired then will seem to pass urine later when it is not expected, incontinence.


MER COR   30c     Urinating frequently, paiful straining, may contain mucus or blood.


NUX VOM  M     Genital region is itchy and cat may dislike touch and become sensitive to light and noise.

PULSATILLA  12c   Acute cyctitis, cramp pain at night, when lying down or after urination.


SEPIA   30c     Vaginal discharge, incontinence worse as day progresses




Unfortunately kidney disease is something we are seeing more frequently in these times are pets are living longer and being fed on processed diets that contain high levels of sugar, oil and salt. To keep your pets kidneys healthy nothing is netter than a natural diet, raw meat is the best thing you can feed your cat or dog you can buy raw meat ready prepared and tested for your pets from many suppliers and it can even work out much cheaper than commercially prepared pet food. With raw food you will see a difference in your pets, teeth and gums, coat and general immunity. Please find a list of raw suppliers at the bottom of this page.


APIS   30c     Kideny disease with retention of urine, frequent cyctitis, blood may be present


PHOSPHOROUS  30c   Acute kidney disease with blood in urine, urine is cloudy perhaps red or brown. Pet may be  aloof, exhausted or extremely lively.


NAT MUR  30c   Renal disease with emacipation and greasy coat. Urine is passed frequently and may be cloudy. Pet becomes aloof.




Dogs are more susceptible to skin disease than cats. Fleas are a major cause of skin irritation and of course this problem can be resolved easily. Staphysagria in a 6x solution applied directly to the coat will help to illiminate fleas. Skin complaints caused by other problems can respond very well to homeopathy, it is one section of treatment where I have seen huge response. Unfortunately these days skin complaints are often prescribed huge courses of hormones and steroids by vets which have many terrible side effects and often leave the animal a lot worse off than it was originally the treatment prescribed can even aggravate the condition and cause great hair loss. If your pet has a skin condition we recommend seeking advice from a homeopathic vet to help you diagnose exactly what the problem is.


ARSENICUM ALBUM   6c    Hot, dry and itchy skin. Cracked, flaky scabs, symptoms worse at night. Pets may be restless and have small pustules filled with pus or blood. Large, reddish or blue spots along the back.


GRAPHITES   6c   Discharge, crusts, cracked skin worse in the joints, aggravated by warmth


HEPAR SULPH  6c    Boils, moist eruptions, sensitive to touch, bad smell, bleed easily, worse at night and aggravated by the cold.





CACTUS AND CRATAEGUS TINCTURE     Will help to strengthen the heart in early stages of the disease


EEL SERUM   12c   Wonderful as a supportive measure when given reguarly




CLAMYDIA NOSODE    Infection, clamydia based [many eye infections in particular cats are clamydia based the vets will often prescribe antibiotic eye ointments that are intended to fight clamydia based infection] white, creamy discharge present the nosode will also help to strengthen the immune system and fight off the clamydia infection elsewhere in the body.


EUPHRASIA     Early stages of conjunctivititis


LEDUM   Scratch to lense or foreign object in eye





IODIUM   30c  Given daily will help to balance the glad function, when an extreme thirst, greasy unkept coat and exhaustion are present this remedy is particuarly useful if use alongside thyroidinum 30C for increased results or if no response to iodum is seen thyroidinum alone could be helpful.


NATMUR   30c      Advanced stages of the disease often respond well to Nat Mur





During pregnancy and after birth is a time where homeopathy can come in particularly useful for animals as well as humans. Homeopathic remedies can help to speed up and reduce pain and fear during labour and combat infection and trauma during and after birth. Mastitis I have found responds well to homeopathic remedies and can keep those babies suckling in situations where young may be lost as the teats can become too painful and infected to feed and as all breeders know animals stand a much better chance when being fed by mum than when  hand reared. Homeopathy can also be used to help ease melancholy for mum when babies leave home. 

ACONITE   200c     Tired and fearful animals will assist with pain also dose every thirty minutes or so until response is seen during labour


ARNICA 200c     A must for all births give before and after labour will reduce trauma, swelling, bruising and assist in healing after the birth, also helps to prevent infection.


BELLADONNA   30c      Acute mastitis sore, red teats, painful to the touch, give in the very first stages of the disease  dose every hour until response is seen if no response is seen try byronia. 

CAULOPHYLLUM   30c    Fantastic remedy to assist labour in animals, helps to strengthen contractions in second stage labour, if contractions are weaking and queen, bitch, mare is getting tired calendula is particularly helpful can also be useful with females you know have particularly difficult labours and smaller females when given twice daily for up to two weeks before labour.  

Can save unnecessary caesarean sections.


CARBO VEG   200c   A must for all breeders, carbo veg is known as the corpse reviver if kittens are born or found cold and not breathing simply dose every ten minutes for up to fourty minutes or so until response is seen I have used this myself and would describe as a miracle cure to aid revival.


IGNATIA   30c   Helps to reassure a mother who has lost a baby and when kittens, puppies etc go off to new homes. 


PYROGEN   200c   Helps to combat infections such as e-coli, can save fading babies 


PYTOLACCA   30c   Once mastitis has set in, hardened tissues, teats inflamed, painful to touch, if breast is hard to the touch and accompanied by a foul smell silica 30c can be most helpful, urtica will encourage milk flow


SECALE   12c    Retained placenta, fetal membranes, accompanied by infection, with offensive discharge 




Low levels of hormone will initiate a season in a female and high blood levels supress it. Folliculinum imitates this and low potencies will kick off a season or call in a female and high potencies will supress. This remedy can be useful for breeders who are waiting to mate an animal and animals that are difficult to get into season a 7c will often help to sustain a season, often useful when animals go away to stud. Just as higher potencies can be most helpful in animals that have repeated long seasons even quickly after birthing [siamese] need I say more]




ARNICA30c   Injury, arthritis and trauma, useful in aiding rheumatisim


LEDUM   30c   Arthritis and rheumatisim starting in the lower joints and rising up the limbs


RHUS TOX   6c   For joints that are swollen, painful, pain and discomfort in ligaments, for the animals aggravated when resting and improves during motion, byronia works in a similar way and can also be helpful in similar cases in the Rhus tox animal symptoms are worse on cold days and improve in the warmer weather.


RUTA   6c   Strains, sprains, ligaments, general weakness, animals who have become lame and limbs that have tired due to too much strain, aggravated by weather worse when damp.  



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There are a number of emotional problems that can be helped using homeopathy for example Aconite can be helpful in the fearful animal, Belladonna for aggression and Ignatia for grief and seperation anxiety. However if you are having problems with your pets behaviour you can not go far wrong with the wonderful Bach Flower Remedies please visit are Bach Flower Remedy page for more information on which remedies to use remember the emotions listed on the page and for what the remedy is for stands for animals and humans  for example Holly can be used to combat suspicion and jealousy, in a cat or dogs situation they could display this kind of behaviour when a new animal or person enters the house therefor you would treat with Holly just as a human. Animals that display nervousness will be helped by mimulus if you are unsure about an animals background or know they have been treated badly in the past Star of Bethlehem can be helpful. If you are unsure as to what flower remedies to use why not email us at the address below and request a consultation, now available on skype from the 1st of April 2010! and we will help you to determine which remedies will be most of use in your pets situation. Breeders with multi animal households, catteries, kennels and stables would benefit to have certain remedies in stock at all times if you fall in to one of the groups mentioned above why not email us and see if you qualify for a breeder or business account.


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